Electronic gadgets can be hacked to make dangerous sounds- Research revealed.

Research has reveled that gadgets can be hacked to make dangerous annoying sounds. Security researcher Matt Wixey discovers a lot of devices have little or no protection to stop themselves from being converted into offensive, low gadget cyber-weapons.

Mr Wixey tested laptops, mobile phones, headphones, a PA system and several types of speakers.

Gadgets can used to produce loud harmful sounds

The weaknesses could cause physical harm, harass individuals or disrupt larger organizations, he said.

Mr. Wixey did the research as part of his Phd project in ways that malware can cause physical harm. He sought to find out if the device volume control can be manipulated to produce harmful high and low frequency sounds.

custom-made virus were used to make the devices emit the loud dangerous sounds..

“Some attacks leveraged known vulnerabilities in a particular device, which could be done locally or remotely in some cases,”. “Other attacks would either require proximity to the device, or physical access to it.” – Mr Wixey as quoted by the BBC.

In one attack, Mr Wixey used a program that scanned local wi-fi and Bluetooth networks for vulnerable speakers which it then sought to take over. Any compromised device would then be made to play the weaponised sound , reports the BBC.

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