Porsche integrates apple music app in new car.

The world has continued to see range of world class innovations from the cell companies to the car manufacturers and many more stunning innovations. Just when the world thinks it has reached the summit of technology, Tech companies keep surprising it with a lot of innovations.

In the past, the cell phone is used only for making calls, but the wave of innovation keeps sweeping across, making calls is but one of the features of a cell phone. Today we have seen yet another history making event as porsche, the German company announces the integration of apple’s music app to the first all Electric-car.

Not only will porsche be the all-electric car, it will also be the car manufacturing company to integrate a built-in apple’s music app in the car’s dashboard. The german car manufacturing company says it plans to offer three years of complimentary in-car data to customers, and will also provide up to six months of Apple Music free to new and existing Porsche owners. With apple’s music app in the car, it means you can access the music streaming service without having to connect to a smart phone.

 Porsche Taycan
Porsche Taycan

It is not yet clear if the company will add android auto to its vehicles, though there are rumors that the company will do so in the near future.

The company’s CEO, however told TechCrunch that over 80% of its car user have iphone and adding android auto to porsche vehicles is not more of a priority. The company has once accused Google of collecting too much Data from users using the Android auto, a claim which Google strongly denied.

The all Electric-car is set to be lunched in September and will arrive dealership in late 2019.

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