Privacy policies

At Blog Nigeria site we take your privacy seriously. We are very careful of how we use personal information you share with Us.

Information Collection

 It’s empirical that we inform you that all web servers track some basic information about visitors on all sites, Blog Nigeria Site included. The information tracked by Servers are: browser details, IP addresses, referring URL and timestamps but none of these gives the personal identity of the visitors. Blog Nigeria Site has no personal identity except the ones you share with us.

Except on your demand or that of the Court of law, Blog Nigeria site will not release personal information you share with us or share it with any third party.


Blog Nigeria Site does not use cookies in any way to store our visitors’ preferences and history. Advertising partners however, may be using cookies and web beacons for proper targeting of the adverts you get.

How it works it that, when you visit Blog Nigeria Site, the web beacons collect information from you such as your internet protocol address, internet service provider, browser details and the absence of flash.


Any information shared with Blog Nigeria Site can on be passed on to a third party if and only if (1) keeping it secret will to detriment and if it will cause harm to the reputation of Blog Nigeria Site, (2) If it is required by the court of law. We do not rely on personal information shared by you, our visitors,  for tracking and analysing our growth, but that of Google analytic.