Takeaways from apple’s latest release.

We were in this week Cupertino to witness one of the biggest events in the world of technology to witness apple unveil its latest crop of software. Here were the takeaways from the event.

Takeaways from the event in Cupertino

Apple is saving big releases for later

There has always been rumors that mostly don’t come true, but this week ushered in another than it used to be.

Signs indicated apple might release a Bluetooth item-tracking competitor to the Tile line of products but while it was not mentioned on stage, the software hooks for such a device still exist in iOS 13, which means it will certainly be coming at some point. There was also no mention on the AirPods front, despite rumors of a potential sweat-proof, active noise-canceling version.

And last but not least, It was also whispered that Apple might include a rear-facing depth camera or an under-the-screen fingerprint sensor didn’t pan out, but both prospective features have bubbled up with enough frequency that they seem likely to come to an iPhone eventually, perhaps in a bigger upgrade next year.

You can now acquire an apple watch at $200

Apple announced a new Apple Watch today, bringing some added health features, a new always-on OLED screen and case options in ceramic and titanium. But the bigger news might be that the Apple Watch Series 3, a great gadget in its own right, is now in the market for $200, making it an ultra-low-cost entry point into Apple’s smartwatches.

Apple TV may be the gmae changer

Apple finally announced the details about its competitor to Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ and it’s cheap. Very. At $5 per month, Apple’s premium service will undercut Disney’s $7 a month offering, which was already almost half the price of Netflix. What’s more, a free year of Apple TV+ will come with the purchase of select new Apple devices, which gives the service a terrific chance to sink its teeth into you. Whether the actual shows are good enough to make it a must-have, though, remains to be seen

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