The Dying Maiduguri-Damuturu road_Sir Felix

Just in a week Unimaid Student captured and killed, Adamawa CAN leader beheaded, soldiers killed while some are missing, all roads to Maiduguri now a dead zone, people forced to flee from their homes for their Dear lives, Nigeria ranked 2nd most corrupt country in West Africa and everyday things are getting worse yet Government is doing nothing serious about it.

Nigerians If we can still recall some of the APC campaign promises made in 2015, some of the promises are; “Fight Against Corruption and Terrorism” These were the major Weapons it used in defeating PDP and now what is going on in Nigeria is worse than before. The tears of pain and the blood of Innocent Nigerians flow like a river all over the country.

Government now decides which type of rice should we eat, movement restricted because of the fear of being killed or kidnapped, economy is going down. And we have been deprived of freedom of expression.

It saddens me to see a great country like Nigeria also called the giant of Africa suffering from such mess for years and nothing seems to change, while people are dying, economy is going down, youths are unemployed, nothing is going normal we’re celebrating Independence. The question is, are we really independent? We maybe be independent from external force but what are we benefiting now when we still run out of the country for refuge.”The labor of our heroes pass shall never be in vain” but our pass heroes didn’t fight for independence for a Country as the present day Nigeria.

Nigeria now is the last country one will like to live in.

-Sir Felix

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